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LOOK at these Bigfoot Stick Structures of Virginia

. Read about a true-life mystery! The puzzle of the sasquatch has been ongoing since the first men settled the West and heard stories from the Native population about strange and elusive large, hairy creatures. These stories have endured to present day and eyewitnesses continues to come forward. Unfortunately...
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INTERVIEW: Bigfoot Story by LeeAnn of Willow Creek CA

  Tsem Rinpoche: Bigfoots are sighted all over the world and in North America. One of the hotbeds for sightings is Northern California. They are sighted constantly and many reports are given till today. In 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin took their now legendary footage of a female...
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Creature Caught on Tape in Holland, is it?

WATCH: Is this Sasquatch or Stump? This is truly an amazing CREEPY video, two guys that visited a Natural monumental park in Holland (The Posbank) got more than they bargained for, together with two tourists on sight they witnessed a weird event, a creature of some kind was observing...
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Is this Sasquatch or Stump?

Robert Michael Pyle trekked into the Dark Divide, where he discovered a giant fossil footprint; searched out Indians who told him of an outcast tribe that had not fully evolved into humans; and attended the convocation in British Columbia called Sasquatch Daze, where he realized that “these guys don’t...
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Bigfoot leaves an impression at Expo

From far and wide, believers have stories to tell and everything except concrete proof to back up their amazement at run-ins with the elusive monster. DEWITTVILLE – The Chapman University Survey on American Fears, released last week, indicates that just over 20 percent of Americans believe that Bigfoot is...
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Is it a Cloaking Bigfoot or NOT

  WATCH: Children ATTACK wounded Russian Bigfoot! I was asked by a few viewers to check out Barbara Shupes Cloaking Bigfoot video https://www.youtube.com/user/Barbshup… and see what I could find…this video is the result of that endeavor. Thinker Thunker also posted an, as always, interesting comment videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6F5U… Check it out…...
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Breakdown: Bigfoot on Security Camera

  Tim Fasano: Rick Dyer has witnesses to the Bigfoot Body The Paranormal Review: We are generally skeptical of bigfoot, but this is very unexplainable. We found footprints close to the treeline in the field, which were within 10 feet proximity to the treeline. Using this information, we made...
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