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Cryptozoology Museum & The Hunt For Bigfoot In Maine

      There’s a science that is dedicated to finding out if that strange and unfamiliar animal you saw was really what you think it is. It’s called cryptozoology, the study of hidden or unknown animals. The only museum in the world dedicated to highlighting this science is...
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My Crypto World – Bigfoot Wood Knocks

      Welcome to episode 16 of My Crypto World. This episode is one of the shorter ones, but I think it has some good information. In this episode I talk about Bigfoot wood knocks, what the general consensus is about wood knocks, and what I use to...
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field research

2016 Bennett Bigfoot Expedition

      Randy Savig: Our Bennett Expedition was a great time and even though it wasn’t as fruitful with experiences and audio as others it was still far from disappointing. Thanks to the MAPS Team and the MABRC folks for making this a success.
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