UPLOADER: I captured what appears to be Yeti Sasquatch Bigfoot on film and recorded its voice yelling / growling. I was off trail at a near by rest area in Lake Tahoe CA when I heard a growling type noise in the distance. I quickly grabbed my pocket video camera and started filming. I then pretty much stood still, stopped dead in my tracks. I was looking around when something caught my eye, it looks like a cross between a Gorilla and Ape or just some sort of primate. I did manage to capture it’s growl sound on video, I replay the noise three times so you won’t miss it. Also, a second possible Sasquatch can be seen in the slowmotion section of the video, it looks as though it’s speaking, moves its lips. Also the main Sasquatch appears to have its right arm resting, you can actually see its hand move and what appears to be fingers spread then move closer. Pause each frame in HD to view.